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Sufi & Sufism

Islam, and all other religions, emphasize spiritual purity or the improvement of soul, which is also known as spiritualism. Scholars have stated that unless the human soul is given the power of purity, it is not possible to understand or feel the presence of God Almighty within oneself. As for the acceptance of prayers every religion has the concept of intention, so also for the improvement of spirit the concept of purity has been stated to be a prerequisite. This subject of Sufism is explained hereunder in seven sections:

(A) Literal Meaning of Sufism

(B) What is Sufism?

(C) Kinds of Sufism

(D) Teaching of Sufism

(E) Scope of Sufism

(F) How Sufism can guide the mankind in modern world?

(G) Befitting character for a Sufi

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