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If you cannot be obedient, you cannot learn anything. Obedience is a part of attention.You must be obedient to your teacher. From the exercise of this obedience, you will be able to learn how dishonest your mind is.To lament and supposedly repent of disobedience may be considered a worthy thing to do. It is worthy only for the unworthy: those who cannot aim any higher. If you are given a time, and you arrive at the place of your teacher early, you are being greedy. If you arrive late you are being dishonest. If your teacher indicates that for a time you shall not study, and even if he seems to neglect you, it is for a reason. This has been often been done when study has become a vice with a person. To try to make him act otherwise towards you is an act of disobedience.

Sholavi relates:
I first met my Guide when I was sixteen years of age. He agreed to teach me, and gave me three lessons. I did not see him, or even hear of him, again until I was forty-one years old. His first words to me on that occassion were: "You can now begin your work."

Umm El-Hassan

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